Pala control with collaboration of some Integrators develops solutions for Process, Stack and Ambient analysis.
We supply Components of a Typical Analyzer System, and Process Analyzers.

Supply of Components of a Typical Analyzer System

Sample Probe, Sample Lines (heated / non-heated), Primary Pressure reducing station, Sample Handling System, Enclosures with / without AC or Vortex cooler, Sample Disposal & Return philosophy, Calibration system, Analyzer

Supply of Process Analyzer

NDIR based Gas Analyzers, Zirconium Oxide, Paramagnetic & Electro Chemical O2 Analyzers, Thermal Conductivity H2 Analyzers, Calorific Value Analyzers, UV based analyzers, Mass Spectrometers, Process Gas Chromatographs, SRU Analyzers (Tail Gas, Feed gas, H2, Stack SO2), Moisture & HC Dew point, H2S & UV based Sulfur analyzers, Density, Specific Gravity Analyzer, Near Infra-Red Analyzers, Color analyzers, Flash point, Pour point, Distillation Point, Viscosity, pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, TOC