Control valve

We are capable of supplying Various control valves and accessories such as:


  • Single-port valve bodies
  • Balanced-plug cage-style valve bodies
  • High capacity, cage-guided valve bodies
  • Port-guided single-port valve bodies
  • Double-ported valve bodies
  • Three-way valve bodies


The ball valve has a spherical plug as a closure member. Seal on ball valves is excellent, the ball contact circumferentially uniform the seat, which is usually made of soft materials.
Ball valves are mostly used in shutoff applications. They are not recommended to be used in a partially open position for a long time under conditions of a high pressure drop across the valve, thus the soft seat could tend to flow through the orifice and block the valve movement.


Butterfly valves geometry is simple, compact and revolute, therefore it is a cheap valve to manufacture either saving material and post mechanization.
Its reduced volume makes easy its installation. Gate and globe valves are heavier and more complex geometry, therefore butterfly valve can result quiet attractive at big sizes regarding other types of valves.
The head loss is small as the flow goes aerodynamically around the disc when valve is full open. Although the head loss is slightly higher than in spherical and gate valves, because their flow sections are totally free from obstacles, it is clearly lower than in globe valves.

Diaphragm & Pinch

The sealing in pinch valves is achieved throttling the flexible tube of the valve named elastic sleeve which is the only part in contact with the medium.
Pinch valves are suitable for handling slurries and solids in suspension, avoiding contact with the valve mechanism and any contamination towards or from the environment.
Generally, the pinch valve is limited to work at low pressures.


Motor Operated Valve (MOV) is an important item of Plant & Piping system. These valves are generally of large size and are used for different applications such as Pump discharge etc. Motor Operated Valves are often called as On-Off valves as the motors serve the purpose of fully opening or fully closing valves in pipelines. For example, cooling water lines, process pipelines where controlling of fluid is not required, motor operated valves can be used to fully allow or fully stop the fluid flow. These valves are not used for throttling purposes as they serve mainly On-Off service application.

Knife Gate

Are mostly used to handle light slurries, pulp stock and corrosive fluids in process industries.


A self-actuated pressure control valve can be used to control the pressure at either upstream or downstream of the control valve. If the pressure upstream to the valves is used to throttle the control valve, then the upstream pressure is maintained at a specified set point and such a valve is known as a backpressure control valve, as it maintains the backpressure imposed by the control valve. If pressure at immediate downstream point of the valve is used as a signal to throttle the control valve, then the downstream pressure is maintained at a specified set point and such valves are known as self actuated pressure control valves.


We offer Various types of actuators:

  • Electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic type

Safety Valve

We offer Safety valves, N2 Blanketing , Pressure ,and temperature regulators