Lighting Design

Pala Control understands the unique needs of a theater facility. We know it’s not just a big space in a building. Theater lighting and rigging must be precise in order to create the right atmosphere. From the lighting console to the cyclorama, we have vast knowledge and resources through numerous manufacturers and our talented staff in product and expendables, system integrators, project managers and technicians.

Live performances require a reliable theater lighting and rigging system. You need to have confidence that stage lighting will work well for every performance. Trust our skilled team members to design dependable theater lighting for your space.

Sound system design

Just like writing, acting, directing, and lighting, sound plays a critical role in the success of any great theatrical production. Sounds works synergistically with the other elements of the performance to help captivate the audience and bring them into another realm. By itself, sound functions as a key technical aspect in any acclaimed performance. To have an efficient  sound system our sound technician are ready for help.