RTD and Thermocouple

We are able to offer a variety range of RTD and Thermocouples. The data sheets in this catalogue cover in detail a variety of RTD and Thermocouples like:

  • Sensor with Various possible CJT (Cold Junction Termination)
  • Bare Sensor
  • Skin Temp. Sensor
  • Sensors with protecting tubes & process connection
  • Multipoint Assemblies
  • Special application Sensors.

In general the reference standards used in manufacturing of the sensors are:
RTD: IEC – 751/ DIN 43760 & Thermocouple: ANSI MC – 96.1/ IEC 584.2

The different types of sensors manufactured are:
RTD: Pt 100, Pt 500 & Pt 1000
Thermocouple: J, K, T, E, R, S, B & N

The element types manufactured are mostly Simplex & Duplex type.

The sensors are manufactured with Mineral Insulation [M. I. Type]

The enclosures are standard weatherproof [IP-65/66], Flameproof, Gr. IIA, IIB, Gas Group IIA, IIB and IIC, Die-Cast Aluminum and can also be provided in materials like SS 304, SS 316 etc.

The sheath materials which are provided as a standard are SS 310, SS 316, SS 446, Inconel 600 etc.